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Annual Physical Exam Specialist
Annual physical exams are a necessity when it comes to diagnosing and treating many types of chronic disease. An annual exam offers early stage detection, allowing for an increased number of treatment options. At Care Access Adult Health Clinic, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran offers annual physical exams, making it her goal to provide a comprehensive list of primary care services for those living in the Babylon, New York area.

Annual Physical Exam Q & A

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What are the main benefits of an annual physical exam?

Annual physical exams are designed to accomplish several things. Most importantly, they gauge your level of health and identify potential risk factors. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran will look closely at any physical signs that may be present, as well as fluctuations in vital signs that may indicate the presence of a physical condition that has recently started to develop. Services provided with an annual physical exam include:

  • 12-Lead EKG
  • Updated health history
  • Vital Signs Check
  • Physical Exam
  • Laboratory Test including Fasting Blood Work

By comparing her findings to past health records and your family history, she can identify the risks and take the appropriate measures to stop the progression of various conditions. Early detection can save your life when it comes to severe heart conditions or the possible presence of cancer.

Why is early detection of chronic disease so beneficial?

Early detection of any disease is crucial when it comes to offering the safest and most effective methods of treatment. In cases where a chronic condition is present, identifying it in its earliest stages allows for not only more options, but also the chance of halting the progress of the disease so that it doesn't have an adverse impact on your quality of life.
Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can use your past health history to identify each risk before your appointment. With this knowledge in hand, she will be able to look closely at those areas to determine if any changes have occurred. If so, she can begin to create a treatment plan that corrects any abnormalities, enabling you to live life more fully without fear of the condition progressing too quickly.

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