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Allergy testing and immunotherapy are administered by Nurse Practitioner Adeniran to help you manage the discomfort of seasonal allergies. At Care Access Health Clinic, she can perform the needed tests to determine your specific allergens and provide you with the treatments you need to find the relief and improve your quality of life. If you live in the Babylon, New York area and are suffering from hay fever and other seasonal allergies, you can find the relief you need by making an appointment with Nurse Practitioner Adeniran.

Allergy Testing Q & A

How are specific allergies diagnosed?

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can diagnose allergies in many ways. The two most common are the skin patch test and the skin prick test. During a skin-prick test, a sharp piece of plastic lightly breaks the skin -- no wound is made -- while she introduces a small amount of allergen into the wound.

During a skin patch test, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran doesn't break the skin with the plastic. Instead, a patch containing the allergen is placed on the skin and remains in place for several days. In either case, if you develop any redness or signs of an allergic reaction, you're allergic to that particular allergen.

With both types of testing, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can test for many allergens simultaneously. In cases where you are found to be allergic to a species that has several varieties, you may also be tested for specific varieties found in your area. These allergens include trees, types of grass, and different kinds of animals.


What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a way of treating severe allergens that involve regular injections of a serum containing one or more components of the allergen. By introducing the allergen into your body in a dormant state, your immune system is allowed to manufacture antibodies that will protect you from having an allergic reaction.

Allergy shots are typically given on a weekly basis initially. Once a maintenance dose has been reached, you'll be able to receive your injections at longer intervals. If your dosage changes or Nurse Practitioner Adeniran discovers new allergens, the process will begin again, with the dosages gradually increasing to the maintenance level.


Can the severity of your allergies change over time?

When small children are diagnosed with allergies, there's a good possibility that their allergies may decrease in severity over time. While this isn't always the case, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran will reevaluate you every few years to determine if your allergies are lessening or worsening.

As you age and your immune system is more exposed, the number of antibodies found in your system will increase compared to when you were younger, so your immunotherapy program will have to change, too. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran encourages you to visit the Clinic and discuss your options with her, especially if you've started to notice shifts in the severity of your allergies.

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