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Primary Care Practice & Nurse Practitioner located in Babylon, NY

Having a primary care provider to turn to gives you peace-of-mind, knowing you have a place to start and return to for medical care. Adults in the Babylon, New York area turn to Nurse Practitioner Bukola Adeniran for thorough primary care services at her Care Access Health Clinic. She provides first point-of-care and ongoing comprehensive care for common non-emergency concerns, as well as regular preventive care visits.

Primary Care Services Q & A

What do you see a primary care provider for?

Whenever you think, “I should see a doctor for this,” you should make an appointment with your primary care provider, Nurse Practitioner Bukola Adeniran, first (except in emergencies). You would also see her for your annual preventive visits. She’s the care provider that gets to know you the best by giving you ongoing care. She also gets the full picture of your medical history and personal story to treat you in the most personalized way.

As your primary care provider, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran is your first point of contact for any non-emergency health concerns. Once she gives you a full checkup, she can treat you directly or coordinate your care with a specialist.

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran provides full-spectrum preventive and curative care for concerns like:

  • Viruses
  • Infections
  • Minor injuries
  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, migraines, allergies, heart disease, and more
  • Mental health concerns
  • Weight management

As part of her involvement with disease prevention, diagnosis, and management, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can order labs, give immunizations, and provide screenings.


What’s the benefit of having a primary care provider?

Many insurance providers require you choose a primary care provider so you always have someone to consult with on medical issues. With Nurse Practitioner Adeniran as your primary care provider, you can make appointments directly with her instead of going to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room for minor ailments.

As your primary care provider, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran will get to know your full medical history and you as a person. By getting the whole picture of who you are, she can treat you in a personalized way. While specialists narrow in on certain parts of your body, primary care providers consider your whole body. By seeing you regularly, Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can scan for symptoms and keep an eye on your overall health the way no one else can.

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran is also able to coordinate your care with other doctors and healthcare providers. If you need to see a specialist, she will set that up for you and check in with you regularly to continue care. She will be your ongoing point-of-contact, providing open communication among your various doctors.


How do I choose a primary care provider?

It’s important to choose someone with proper qualifications that you feel comfortable with, who answers all your questions with compassion, and who is available for urgent matters. You’ll also want to make sure they accept your insurance coverage. If you would like to meet with Nurse Practitioner Adeniran to decide if she’s a good fit for you, call today for a visit.

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