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Vaccinations are the main line of defense against many devastating diseases. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran offers vaccinations to adults at the Care Access Health Clinic. If you live in the Babylon, New York area and are preparing to travel internationally, visit the clinic so you can get the vaccinations you need to maintain optimal health and well-being.

Vaccinations Q & A

Do adults need vaccinations?

As an adult, there are several situations in which you should receive vaccinations. Yearly flu shots are just one type of vaccination that you should consider in adulthood. There are also certain viruses that are known to change over time, and you may need to receive a vaccination such as a tetanus shot every few years to ensure you're protected.

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can review your immunization record to determine if you need any booster shots or new vaccinations. Over time, the vaccines you receive may weaken, resulting in the necessity of a new vaccination or a simple booster to increase their effectiveness.


Are the benefits of vaccinations permanent?

While many vaccinations only have to be received once, there are several others that may only last for specific periods of time. Flu shots must be received every year because the virus often changes and mutates. Other vaccinations may only be good for up to five to seven years.

Although shots that you receive are extremely effective, they may require an additional boost once you reach adulthood. Your health records will indicate when you had your vaccinations. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can use this information to find out if any vaccinations need to be updated or if new shots are available that you haven't had access to in the past.


Why are annual flu shots so important?

Annual flu shots are given because of the progression of the flu virus. While Nurse Practitioner Adeniran recommends that each of her patients receive a flu shot every year, she emphasizes the importance of vaccination if you are over the age of 65 or have a compromised immune system

Annual flu shots provide you with the necessary defenses to prevent infection of the most severe flu viruses. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can offer you additional tools and resources to help protect you from potential viruses and the uncomfortable symptoms they cause. Your immune system receives the boost it needs, and you don't have to worry about whether or not you're exposed to the virus.

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