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Obesity is one of the main causes of chronic disease in both adults and children. Weight loss and weight management are the most effective tools to regaining your health and maintaining a healthy weight. Nurse Practitioner Adeniran can provide you with a customized weight loss plan that will guide you through the process in a way that protects your health and builds positive lifestyle habits. The staff encourages you to visit Care Access Adult Health Clinic for all of your weight loss needs.

Weight Loss Q & A

What are the benefits of a medically supervised weight loss plan?

Medically supervised weight loss plans are ideal if you have other health concerns that will have an impact on your ability to lose weight. By working hand in hand with your provider, you'll get a meal plan that's designed to meet your specific needs. You'll also receive a safe and effective exercise plan that takes into account your physical limitations.

The main benefit of this type of weight loss program is that Nurse Practitioner Adeniran goes on the journey with you. She is available to answer all of your questions, alter the program as needed, and immediately address any health issues you may experience on the way.

What is involved in weight loss management?

A weight loss management program begins with a complete and thorough physical examination. Once Nurse Practitioner Adeniran understands your physical needs and limitations, she can create a weight management plan that's safe and effective. She will include exercise programs that take into account your level of activity as well as any physical limitations you may have.

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran will closely monitor your progress during your weight loss management program. She will also note any changes in your health that may indicate a possible reversal when it comes to chronic illness and disease.

Once you lose the weight, how do you keep it off?

Once you have lost the weight, the best way to keep it off is through positive lifestyle changes. A weight management program provides the tools you need to practice new, more positive lifestyle habits successfully. Fad diets and diet programs offer positive results with minimum effort and only produce short-term results.

Nurse Practitioner Adeniran offers weight management programs that provide healthy and productive ways to lose the weight and keep it off while creating habits and lifestyle traits that will last a lifetime. Lifestyle patterns that are used to lose the weight will help you keep the weight off while allowing you to do the things you enjoy, including eating your favorite foods in moderation.

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Care Access Adult Health Clinic accepts most major insurance plans. Please contact our office directly with any questions.

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